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Gold Maquetes Physical model

Who we are



The company GOLD MAQUETES was founded in 2011 by brothers Rômulo and Virgílio Portilho.

Currently having in its portfolio of clients and partners the largest companies in the civil construction sector and industries worldwide. Our products are exhibited in the main regions of the world, South America, Central America and Europe.

We aim to provide excellent services in the model marketphysics and vof buildings and lots for civil construction. Uusing high-tech, state-of-the-art laser equipment and specialized and qualified labor to create high-standard models with precision and realism.

Models with a high quality standard and perfect finishing of textures and details.


Ability to bring your project to life.

We have a big dream. We want to be the largest physical model company in the world and bring unique experiences to our clients’ marketing.

We work with people who demonstrate trust, respect, commitment, integrity and team spirit, who act with energy, enthusiasm and wisdom.

ECO GOLD project, environmentally appropriate disposal, environmentally responsible purchases. Waste prevention and reduction.

‘’ The physical model conveys impressions and feelings that the image made by a computer is not capable of providing’’ Rômulo R. Portilho

‘’We love what we do! ‘’ Virgílio M. Portilho

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